I like to make things lots of thing, as much as I would like to help the planet by being a bit more ecofriendly, so many of the items I make are from recycled goods. I hope to share my experiences of my shop on folksy http://www.folksy.com/shops/elizabethevelyn

I would also like to spread ideas on reusing, recycling and ultimately upcycling old rubbish into new things!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

My first post again!

After problems with my other blogger account i'm starting here again! So here was the first post I put up:-

Well having never done this before I am actually nervous. I chose to start this blog to log the journey I am on as a crafter, there are more of us out there than you think! I have always been a cutter and sticker since my mum first handed me that sheet of paper and pasta. I have recently set myself up on Folksy a website for crafters to sell their wares. I have received a warm welcome from all on there and been amazed at what people can come up with.

Now a word of advice if you have just started like me is read as much as you can whether it be blogs, or the talking section on folksy, you do not have to join in if you do not want to but the wealth of experience that is out there will be very valuable to you. I will admit I have had a hard start on this and the quote "This time next year we'll be millionaires" seems further away than it did a few weeks ago, but I will not give up.

I have not started this as a major investment I am still looking for a day job with the job market as it is it looks like it's going to take a miracle. Anyhow the point is that as a sideline it is fun at the moment I can invest as much or as little time I have for it and in the future if it is a viable constant income I would drop everything to make my hobby my career, who wouldn't!

Well to tell you where I have started, I have no specific skills in crafting I'm pretty nifty on a sewing machine, I am a haphazard knitter (I have only managed scarfs or patchwork blankets and there is only so many of them that you need). And I love to recycle and reuse things that would normally be thrown away. I hope that having upcycled/recycled things in our homes is the norm in the future that it does not seem strange to turn old clothing into rugs, new clothing and bags etc. To me it seems even more special to create something from what others think as nothing plus it reduces the amount of stuff that is needlessly placed in landfill.

Amongst my ramblings I hope to share tutorials of how to convert yesterdays rubbish into tomorrow's couture.